A welcome back

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So I know it has been a while since I last posted but I have been working away in the background. I got myself a nice new studio space, it is right outside the castle, one of the beautiful locations of Lancaster and the great thing about it is that it is right next to my doorstep! I am looking forward to be spending time in there and getting some work done. Right now I am working on Charles Bargue’s Drawing Course, which is a great book on taking you back to drawing fundamentals. It was published in Paris in the 1860s and consists of 200 images divided up into three sections. It takes the approach of how the masters learnt how to draw, firstly by drawing from sculpture and casts, then copying from the masters and finally drawing from life and nature. It is interesting how contemporary teaching of drawing has completely lost its roots and I myself have been a witness of this having studied Fine Art at University and not being taught these fundamentals. However having graduated and on the road to going back to my roots there is hope and for others who are interested in technical drawing this is definitely one of the best books to go to. In the mean time, I have also been watching a lot of Chase Jarvis Live (link attached) and following great contemporary speakers on topics such as creativity and marketing. My most recent watch is a talk with Robert Greene, the author of one of the best selling books ‘Mastery’. The title says it all but the book trailer has been attached for those of you who want to know more about it and want to give it a shot. Hey, I have even found a free audiobook for you! Enjoy and I hope you get a lot out of everything I have posted and come across some interesting finds! Until next time, Be Creative!


Neil Gaiman, a talk for all creatives


I came across this short talk by Neil Gaiman who talks about the absolute baffling and complicated road of being an artist. The not knowing what to do, what to make, where you are going, this is definitely some wise words every creative has to hear. The only way maybe you and me will get somewhere is to learn from those who have conquered the shackles, who have met their fears, have made mistakes and have kept on making work. To leave you, I say dont worry, it will be ok, enjoy the hell of a roller coaster ride and be prepared that if you want to spend the rest of your life doing what you love, who you want to be then I can only end up quoting what this wise man has said “When things get tough, this is what you should do: Make good art”.

Marian Bantjes


Marian Bantjes is an artist who creates beautiful graphic design work in the form of imagery and illustration. However she has one philosophy that any type of work has to in some way contribute to society. Who is it for? What does it say? And what does it do? These are questions that we should all be thinking of in our work. Click to hear the rest of this amazing talk…

Show your work

Austin Kleon said “show your work”! It is true that showing your work is important, for any creative out there, it is the only way that you will ever ‘make it’, if that’s how you want to call it. But for every creative out there, we always fall into the dilemma of not having finished pieces, of only showing work that is finished and resolved. But Austin says, show your process too! The process of making work shows all the little ideas, sketches that have gone into the final piece, in fact it tends to be way more interesting than a final piece..so a bit of advice for those of you who are reading, take a pic or two of your work you are doing so far and just put it on your blog or website, it will do you a ton of good! Even those little notes you have and pages out of your sketchbook, hopefully I will be uploading much more soon. And if you havn’t already visited Austin’s website or dont know anything about him then here is his website, http://www.austinkleon.com, hope you find his advice as valuable as I did! IMG_20140602_223558show-your-work-cover1IMG_20140602_222750IMG_20140602_222719IMG_20140602_222827

Where am I going?


Everyday I ask myself whether or not I am making the right kind of artwork, if this is the kind of art I should be making but then I say that even if I am not making the right kind of artwork, its leading me there and for now the fact that I am enjoying it is all that counts..